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how much High-precision flat-panel printer price uv how ?
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2016-11-14 01:37:27View:Loading...

High-precision flat-panel printer price uv how much?The price mainly by the size of the machine and nozzle configuration to determine the general price of UV printers in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the country, but the proposal can not unilaterally consider the price of the need to understand the UV printer material, performance, Technology and manufacturers of the comprehensive strength, have a sound service system and after-sales protection system.

Shenzhen Han Extension Digital Co., Ltd. is a well-known brands, production research and development of the UV printer has a number of national patents, it is worth considering the UV printer brand.

So how to choose uv printer manufacturer?Here you give you a few ways to determine their own.Specific methods are as follows:

1, first understand the brand through the network, manufacturers of word of mouth, investigate the relevant information clearly, to avoid being taken.

2, to the factory site visits, after all, tens of thousands of thousands of things, not a small number, or personally go to the factory inspection of some of the rest, mainly to see the factory size, service attitude, expertise, production capacity.

3, the price is not the only criterion, different manufacturers, different types of prices there will be differences, contrast should choose good after-sales service, quality guaranteed.

4, the signing of the contract should pay attention to, including after-sales, maintenance, warranty coverage, accessories, all without any empty, black and white unloading contract is the most appropriate.

5, select the uv flatbed printer primary problem, the most critical should be from the printer's stability, nozzle selection and warranty time, the cost of maintenance later (replace the nozzle price), after-sales service and other factors to consider.

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