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UV flat-panel printer nozzle off the ink, drawing what?
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2016-11-14 01:46:38View:Loading...

Ricoh UV flatbed printer in the use of a period of time, often encounter a very common problem, the nozzle appears off the ink, print products appear wiredrawing phenomenon, which is a wave of filamentous look like a wave pattern, fault phenomenon!What is the reason for this situation?

To understand the reasons First of all to understand the working principle of nozzle, UV printer nozzle has hundreds of small holes composed of precision, a nozzle of a color or several colors, such as taking Ricoh nozzle reference, a nozzle of Ricoh 4 nozzle384, Ricoh nozzle is the use of grayscale piezoelectric nozzle, variable ink droplets printing, minimum 7PL, maximum 35pl, photo-level accuracy, can clearly print 2PT font print, very fine, the Ricoh nozzle is a nozzle spray 8 colors,Every 38 holes spray a color!So when the work of the nozzle when a light nozzle does not work, or spray out when there will be broken ink, drawing phenomenon!

One reason: a nozzle hole blocked, resulting in broken ink drawing.

Solution: use UV cleaning liquid pressure cleaning, or alcohol soak a few hours after cleaning with cleaning solution!

Reason 2: nozzle inside the air, ink does not come out.

Solution: with the ink pressure function of the ink, the air pressure out.

Three reasons: nozzle aging.
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