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HanTop’s Classic Models are Again Favored by Dashunfa Printing
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2019-07-23 14:49:58View:Loading...

Well designed HT2512UV flatbed printers have been popular in the european and american market ever since Shenzhen HandTop Tech Co.,Ltd established in year 2010. Moreover, its simple and stable seamless steel appearance has been imitated by other brands but never been surpassed. On the other hand, HT5000 is a wide-format UV roll-to-roll digital printer of HandTop which focuses on advertising industry. It inherits HandTop’s high-end manufacturing process , and provides unlimited possibilities of stable and efficient production to customers with its precise positioning and multi-volume simultaneous printing solutions. In June 2019, Hangzhou Dashunfa Printing Co., Ltd. (DSF) purchased both HT2512 & HT5000.

Hangzhou Dashunfa Printing Co., Ltd. (DSF) is specialized in design, production, agency and distribution of various advertising businesses. Their products involve in indoor & outdoor printings, posters, showcase panels, billboard and banners etc.. Previously, Dashunfa had a 3020 and a 2512UV flatbed printer (other brands) and multiple inkjet printers; however, with the rapid business development and the intensified market competition, these devices could not catch their company's rapid development, so that the equipment upgrading plans were put on the agenda by Mr. Ye, the chairman of DSF.

DSF Meets HandTop

It is a coincidence that DSF gets to know HandTop via HandTop’s agent Hangzhou Changyang Technology Co., Ltd.. Mr. Ye has many years of experiences in advertising printing industry and he heard about HandTop before, and many of his peers have already purchased digital printers from HandTop and they all admired HandTop’s products and services, all of these positive impressions made Mr. Ye go to visit HandTop’s company.

After his 4 days visit, Mr. Ye signed a contract with HandTop. Until now, HT2512 & HT5000 are both operating quite stable. This efficient cooperation not only because of HandTop’s comprehensive services, but also demonstrated by Mr. Ye’s decisive leadership. Let’s take a look at the advantages of HT2512UV and HT5000UV:


Mr,. Ye was interested in HT2512 three-row Ricoh UV flatbed based on their business demands of high quality print on acrylic sheets. HT2512 is equipped with a high-speed color white or color oil output scheme, it has a inline varnish channel and can achieves a one-time output of color white and varnish through the seamless application of soft and hard varnish which makes production much more efficient. In addition, HT2512 can print on a wide range of materials, including glass, acrylic, wood, tiles, metal, PVC, corrugated, plastic, marble, wallpaper, PC, ABS and more, and its printing quality has reached industry’s leading standard. For DSF company, a HT 2512UV printer basically covers all of their existing advertisement printing business, and also its excellent solutions can provide strong support for their future industrial upgrades.

What’s even more amazing is that it took only four days from signing the contract to install the HT2512 printer in DSF, thanks to the cooperation of these three parties - HandTop, DSF & Changyang, especially to Changyang’s engineers who gave up their holiday and helped DSF install HT2512 intensively in order to ensure it can be operated normally right after holiday. After experiencing HandTop and Changyang’s professionalism, Mr. Ye wanted to purchase more digital printers from HandTop.


With the development of Hangzhou city’s economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the demands of advertising printing in all area has been increased sharply, including the increased demand of large-format outdoor/indoor advertising. HT5000UV owns a solid bed and an atmospheric yet beautiful appearance; furthermore, it has a lot of advantages: high print speed 192 sm/hr, high capacity, excellent print quality, a wide range of applications (for most of 5 meters materials - knife scraping, elastic fabric, light box cloth and soft film etc.), high stability, cost - effective (full customer services and technical support), high returns (save time and labor), and that’s why Mr. Ye purchased one HT5000UV right after.

HT5000 On-Site Installation

HT5000 in Operation

In future, HandTop will continue to keep the long-term cooperation with Hangzhou Dashunfa Printing Co., Ltd. (DSF) by providing high quality products and excellent services , and strive to achieve win-win for both companies, and contribute to the sustainable development of the UV printing and the advertising printing industries. Lately, HandTop has just launched a various programs of shoe printing included shoe’s upper, raw materials, and beach sandals, art prints (oil painting, decorative painting) etc.. We welcome all to come to talk to us!

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