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HT5000UV, about which you may not know
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2019-06-06 12:08:39View:Loading...

As is known to us, the star printer independently developed by Handtop Digital, HT5000UV, is an advanced large-format roll-to-roll UV printer. It was born for a rapid response to the large-format printing market demand. Basically speaking, its advantages in short delivery time and efficient productivity can fully meet the current customized and digital printing trends. For a long time, with its innovative UV printing technology, powerful software system and excellent hardware performance, HT 5000UV has gained a good reputation in the UV printing industry and achieved very good sales results.

About HT5000UV

• Variable gray-scale printing, which meets multi-level ones such as 4-6-10-14, and the physical resolution of printheads reaches 726*2400 dpi, achieving fine printing effect;

• High print speed, productivity up to 192m²/h;

• Automatically detects the width of the media, prints different sizes of media, and improves the operating efficiency;

• Equipped with precise paper-feeding system, material can be printed roll to roll at the same time with smooth paper feeding process;

• Applicable to most of the 5-meter-wide printing materials on the market, such as knife scraping, elastic cloth, light box cloth and soft film, etc.

Recently, Handtop Digital has comprehensively upgraded the software and hardware of HT 5000UV, and added a number of new printing details to improve the printing performance of HT5000UV. Let's take a look at some of the changes that may surprise you with HT5000UV.


• Added DS print mode to improve printing accuracy;

• New independent ink-pressing function, improved ink accuracy and ease of operation;

• The upgrade of LED lamp energy adjustment, and air volume adjustment function make sprinting efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly.


• The X-direction drive uses a linear motor maglev drive with a high-precision metal scale to ensure high-quality output;

• Y-direction high-precision reducer, pneumatic pressing device, the deviation accuracy of the cloth is ±0.02mm;

• The constant temperature control system makes the printing material not deformed;

• Imported THK linear guide to effectively reduce noise.

In particular, the improvement worth mentioning is that HT 5000UV has been upgraded to C/M/Y/K/LC/LM 6-color printing, instead of originally printing only in C/M/Y/K 4 colors. With the promotion of color richness, the quality of printing has also been significantly improved on the basis of the past, to provide customers with more printing applications. Let's take a look at the HT 5000UV's 6-color effect:

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