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Handtop: First-class digital UV printer thanks to kyocera sprinklers
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-02-09 11:03:55View:Loading...

Let's find out what kind of print head technology made it the world top print head.

•Widest print head

Realize wide format printing with small quantity of print heads. The 108mm wide format structure made it possible to apply wide format printing with little amount of print heads. This reduced complex position adjustment. In the mean time, piping and wiring design became easier.

•Maximum line speed 100m/min of single PASS printing

Within the 108mm effective printing range, there are 2656 nozzles configured in 0.042mm intervals. Overall printing speed over 0.1billion drops per second consists of every nozzle jetting 40,000 drops per second. This make the maximum line speed 100m/min of single PASS printing with 600dpi×600dpi resolution output possible.

•Full HD 600DPI grey-scale printing

High resolution and multi-grey scale realize high quality, the unique ceramic technology realize the high density nozzle configuration. Using the advantage of piezoelectric mode to realize the variable control of the ink drop.

•High reliability

With the filter built-in to remove the foreign matter. The internal heater to modify the temperature change. The unique circuit design ensured the steady jetting of the 2656 nozzles, decreased the non jetting phenomenon in continuous printing.

HT2500UV-HR uv printer

The Kyocera print head is mainly applied on printing market and water-based digital textile printing at present. Now one head can sustain two colors printing simultaneously. Not only cut half of the print head usage, but also reduced the wiring quantity. Contributes to the miniaturization of the printers.

In 2017, all series of Hanglory group products mainly use Kyocera print heads. This type of top print head will spread into many industries through all types of printer produced by Hanglory group and bring rich and colorful images for the world.

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