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Handtop product line all equipped LED curing light
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-11 17:27:15View:Loading...

As professional UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech has years of experience in UV printing industry and acquired an excellent reputation across the globe. With the booming development of UV printing technology, Handtop produce every machine with the highest configuration in the industry, doing its best the let the customer benefit from the development of the technology. Today, we will mainly talk about LED curing light. Now in all series of Handtop’s machine, LED curing lights are optional, in the meantime, Handtop added LED light timer on each machine. So, what is LED curing light? What benefit could this kind of configuration bring to the customer?

For a UV digital printer, the curing of UV ink is a necessary link. After we left colorful image on the printing media by the print heads, we need to cure the UV ink, this makes the image keep stable on the media surface. The principle is to use 200-450NM ultraviolet irradiation to make the curing adhesive in the UV ink to produce curing reaction. The traditional curing mode usually use mercury vapor lamp, metal halide lamp, electrodeless light and xenon lamp, etc. Different curing lights have different effects and their own merits and demerits. 2014, LED curing mode started to become popular, this new type of curing technology has incomparable advantages.

First, talk about the mercury lamp curing, which is now the most popular on the market. The principle is when energizing the light, voltaic arc is produced between the poles. With the voltage increasing, the temperature of the gas rises and vaporizes the mercury, this produces mercury vapor arc to irradiate UV light.

However, the mercury light need several minutes to preheat, normally 2-10 minutes. On the other hand, it can’t be restarted immediately after switched off. Because the power terminal will cause the rapid condensation of mercury. Next switch need 15-20 minutes’ of cooling. So using mercury light curing will cause certain affection to the efficiency and continuity of the customer.

Electrodeless light is also a very popular applied UV curing mode. The diameter of the electrodeless light tube is small, only 9-13mm. Different from other commercial lights, it has no electrodes, the electrical energy coupling into vacuum quartz tube with mercury and other additives by electromagnetic radiation, the gross length of the tube is 15-20cm. The electrodeless light is microwave start up lamp tube, able to switch on/off instantly. The average lifetime reached 3000 hours. Unlike mercury light with electrodes, need several minutes to preheat, another several minutes to restart after switched off.

Xenon lamp is originally developed for the application of photography. But recent years, people redirected the attention of it to the application of UV curing area. Xenon is gas, so it can be used as both continuous light source and pulse light source. When used as continuous light source, the xenon voltaic arc is essentially continuous, the UV output is low while the infrared portion is higher. As an impulse xenon flash light, the UV output increased because of the rising of the gas pressure and the plasma temperature.

LED curing is the most advanced curing mode at present. It has incomparable advantages. No matter in energy conservation, eco-friendly or in lifetime and wavelength control, it reached the optimal condition. The surface temperature of it in working status is less than 40℃, the users don’t have to worry about the distortion caused by high temperature. Besides that, its lifetime reached 20000 hours, ten times as mercury curing. The UV LED light can be classified as UV LED spot light, UV LED linear light, UV LED plane light and UV LED ring light, according to different curing area we can choose the corresponding curing irradiation area.

UV LED light is the most ideal special light source, it can reduce time, improve efficiency and lower the cost for enterprises.

Now, all series of machines from Handtop Tech has equipped LED curing light as well as the intimate timing function. Customers can check the status by the operation interface of the software. Until 2012, the traditional UV curing system still occupying 90% of the UV curing market. Recent years, the LED curing is more and more be used and became a tendency. Handtop launched the first model with LED curing system since the mercury light still occupying the major market. Today, in the purpose of satisfying the customers’ requirements, reduce cost for customers and create value for customers, LED curing system is optional in all series of Handtop’s machine.

(Customers can easily make adjustments on the software interface)

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