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Handtop Negative Pressure Control System Upgrade
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-10 17:46:49View:Loading...

Handtop Tech has been leading China’s market of high-end UV digital printer. Oriented from customers’ value, pursuit the maximum of the products. By the continuous work of our engineers, we had a full aspect of improvement and upgrade of all our machines, let every model of them presents the best performance. For example, we transform the core part to get stable quality, in the mean time, we improved the printing performance by optimizing the software algorithm and the ability of processing the image data. Based on this, we added new process to make the operation of the machine satisfy higher requirements. Through full transformation and upgrade, we redefined the efficiency and stability of our products and benefited our clients. The operational characteristics and user friendly design, let the customers have a more pleased experience in using the machine.

Here, we mainly introduce the transformation Handtop Tech made to the negative pressure and ink supply system on the printer.

The negative pressure system is a core part of the ink control system of a printer. It controls the pressure between the ink box and the print heads in the purpose of solving the ink spilling and dropping of the print heads during the process of using the printer. The principle is to create suction in the ink box by the negative pressure device to prevent the ink in the print heads from spilling. A full negative pressure system includes ink box, negative pressure pot, negative pressure pump, pressure detecting device and electric control system.

Most of the printers on the market, their negative pressure systems are open loop systems, the stability of the systems are easy to be compromised by external environment such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, leading to errors. An open loop control system cannot exam the errors neither calibrate errors. The sensitive toward the system parameters will disturb the stability of the system.

Because of that, engineers from Handtop Tech developed a full close loop system. This system is an independent system, capable of avoiding the external interruption or the parameter deviation caused by internal change of the system. Once the variable diverged from the specified value, the system will produce control action accordingly to eliminate the deviation. In this new negative pressure system, our ink control is able to keep steady and improve the printing performance.

The transformation and upgrade of negative pressure and ink supply system made by Handtop Tech, have 3 direct affections.

First, greatly extended the lifetime of the negative pressure pump. The stability of the negative pressure pump is the key point for the stable operation of the negative pressure system. In the early open loop system, negative pressure pump is operating constantly, but in close loop system, we can let the pump work intermittently through software control. This at least extended the lifetime of the pump twice over. Saved some unnecessary cost during the operation. In the meantime, the new system reduced much noise of the pump, letting Handtop Tech’s machine run quietly.

On the other hand, the stability of printing improved greatly. As foretold, the new negative pressure system is a close loop system. The biggest specification of it is stable, almost eliminate system disorders cause by the external disturbance, which presents a better control of the ink pressure between ink box to print heads. Not only solved the embarrass of dropping and leaking, but also realized a precision control of the ink. Totally get rid of the phenomenon of ink breaks. This contributed to a better stability of the printer.

The new negative pressure system use software instead of the previous extensive manual adjust mode in controlling. The customers are able to control the whole negative pressure system by the computer on the workstation. It is a fully automatic negative pressure control system able to ensure the system operate stable under the precise control of the software.

The upgrade and transformation of negative pressure system embodied Handtop’s spirit of craftsman in pursuing product quality. Handtop Tech will carry on R&D in the future, let every detail speak the quality and the vision of Handtop.

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Handtop Tech is owned by Hanglory Group, moreover, a national high-tech enterprise. As a world’s leading UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech is devoted in providing professional UV printing machine and full set of UV printing application solutions.

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