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For 6 years, HT2512 from Handtop Tech is still a classic
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-09 11:33:51View:Loading...

From the emerge of Handtop Tech in UV digital printing area to today’s popularity across the global market, Handtop Tech is continuously innovating and upgrading in UV digital printing. Many models from Handtop Tech has become classics and capable of endure the long term of test of the global market. Among them, HT2512 is one of the classic “Made by Handtop”, and has been sparkling in the late 6 years.

HT2512 is launched by Handtop Tech in 2011, is a specially designed tight structure high-end UV flatbed printer for medium and small manufacturers. HT2512 has a 2.5m printing width, and has passed CET Color’s test from the US. Years from that, the selling of HT2512 across globe has been increasing and today, HT2512 already had a great reputation in the industry.

It is understood that, the early HT2512 is research and designed with the highest requirements in the industry. It equipped with Ricoh GEN4 from the beginning, capable of high speed printing with 720*600DPI in 6 colors, the speed reached 35m2/h.

The newest HT2512 already has substantial improvement in the whole function. It carries 2-4 Kyocera print heads, the printing precision reached 1000*1200DPI, in high speed production mode, the printing speed of HT2512 reached 52m2/h. Meanwhile, the configuration of HT2512 can also alter into Ricoh print heads with a printing precision of 1200*1200DPI, which still preserve a printing speed of 44m2/h in high speed mode.

The stability and practicability of HT2512 has already been through too much test, needless to say, its ultimate pursuit for color won the customers’ hearts. Handtop Tech possess a complete set of color solutions and prepared eco-friendly UV curing ink for each machine which makes the output beautiful as well as a high color reduction.

HT2512 is a type of universal printer able to satisfy industrial long-term mass production and has multiple applications for all kinds of materials from Acrylic, wooden board, ceramic tiles to marble, backlit fabric, ABS, 3C, etc.

In the future, HT2512 will still keep the advancement of the product and keep bringing continuous value for customers, to be the leading sheep in the industry permanently.

About Hanglory Group and Handtop Tech

Handtop Tech is owned by Hanglory Group, moreover, a national high-tech enterprise. As a world’s leading UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech is devoted in providing professional UV printing machine and full set of UV printing application solutions.

Handtop Tech product line including UV hybrid printer, UV flatbed printer and hi-precision print head from economic intelligent model to luxury models, small-sized width to large-scaled width, offered plenty choices for customers from diversified industries. Also, Handtop Tech provides diversified services including spare parts, maintenance, Investment planning, training, application execution for the clients.

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