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Handtop HT5000 breakthrough the bottleneck of advertising efficient production
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-06 17:06:10View:Loading...

In digital advertising printing industry, efficiency and quality are always the first to think about for advertisers. Handtop’s latest developed HT5000 solved these pain spots in both aspects.

The HT5000 have a 5m ultra-wide scale, it can realize big scale advertising banner printing once a time instead of complex process of stitching after segmental printing. A wide format advertising banner is a complete image. Although HT5000 is a “big guy”, but its linear motor transmission device, high-precision metal raster and biaxial driver, etc, ensured the stability and the efficiency of its operating process, creating far more productivity than average modes on the market.

It is not exaggerating of calling the HT5000 a “big guy”, the length of the machine is over 8m, the width and height are nearly 2m, which is very rare in industrial digital printers. This makes HT5000 able to stand more strict industrial production requirements. In the mean time, it also presents to the user with higher request for the field. To ensure the continuous production of HT5000, guarantees for the using environment including temperature and humidity etc, are also needed.

In order to improve the efficiency, the image central processing system of the HT5000 upgraded in all aspects. For example, the customer can print two 2.5m advertising banners at once by stitching the images. For HT5000, one workstation can support diversified work at the same time easily. As it is a roll to roll working base, the clients don’t need to worry about the length of printing. By modifying images, the HT5000 can sustain different images in continuous printing, this greatly improved the production efficiency of the customer.

The color and picture of HT5000 are both excellent. It equipped with 8-12 high precision grey scale Kyocera print heads, the image precision can reach to 900*1200. The user can choose print mode freely during the operation. In high speed mode, HT5000 can reach to 138m2/h, while in high precision mode the productivity is 50m2/h.

The HT5000 is a product contributed by the concentrate R&D of Handtop’s engineers. It will promote the production efficiency and quality of the customers greatly and create value for customers.

About Hanglory Group and Handtop Tech

Handtop Tech is owned by Hanglory Group, moreover, a national high-tech enterprise. As a world’s leading UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech is devoted in providing professional UV printing machine and full set of UV printing application solutions.

Handtop Tech product line including UV hybrid printer, UV flatbed printer and hi-precision print head from economic intelligent model to luxury models, small-sized width to large-scaled width, offered plenty choices for customers from diversified industries. Also, Handtop Tech provides diversified services including spare parts, maintenance, Investment planning, training, application execution for the clients.

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