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We have higher standards on UV digital printers
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-05 11:36:49View:Loading...

Handtop Tech has been developing in UV digital printing and become the leading runner of China’s UV digital printing industry. Its product line including UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll digital printer and hybrid digital printer. In the mean time, it is also well know in China’s digital printing, garment printing and textile printing area. The success of the products is from the high standards of the founder of Handtop Tech. When every series of product is higher than the industry standards as well as bringing actual value for the customers, then we are not far from being a global industrial digital printing enterprise.

High standards is from the profound R&D background

No matter in the industry of UV digital printing or in the industry of textile printing and garment printing, the R&D teams under Hanglory group have years of research experience. At present, the R&D teams of the company own over 50% engineers that have been studied in the industry for over decades. They understand the requirements of the industry as well as the technology, capable of creating and innovation. These are all the bases for products from Handtop Tech, CN top and Homer textile to seize market share.

Take UV digital printer as an example, Handtop Tech launched multiple products with great performance and stability in earlier years, to bring benefit for customers as much as possible, Handtop Tech equipped the products with the best hardware, such as IGUS chain from Germany, AB servo motor from the US, Megadyne belt from Italy, etc. To enhance the anti-interference ability, industrial PCI data transfer portal, full-closed design and independent chain supporting frame, etc, are also been used on the products. These are all benefit from the R&D engineers’ deep understanding of the customers’ needs.

Make friends with the clients, communicate with customers closely is a daily work of Handtop Tech R&D team. Knowing what the customer really want instead of working behind closed doors and add the elements that are useless for the customers. This makes our high standards really create value for the customers.

High standards depend on abundant strength

For better globalization of Handtop Tech as well as bringing better products for customers, Handtop Tech start group operating in 2015 by establishing a group company. Relying on the powerful strength and background of the group, Handtop Tech, Homer Textile and CN top are able to concentrate on R&D and production.

Now, Hanglory group, locating in beautiful Ciyu industrial zone, Longgang district, Shenzhen, already possess over 15000m2 independent factory and 1800 m2 luxury separated showroom. The service network of Hanglory group spread over 30 countries across the globe and 34 provinces in China. These are all the capital make Hanglory group proud.

Group operating management as well as the standardized producing process of each series of product, making every circle of production under strict control, operating with globalized high standards, are the insurance of producing products that satisfy customers.

High standards also come from the persistence and innovation of the products

With continuous iteration and rapid upgrade of the products, Handtop Tech has been entering into a higher and further field in UV digital printing industry, from HT3116 to HT3200, then today’s HT5000.

HT5000 mainly target in high precision, 5m wide format and all materials full scale universal printing. It is an advanced roll to roll wide format UV printer with innovative printing technology, powerful software system and unique DS printing mode. The 5m wide format and 140m2/h productivity greatly improved customers’ production efficiency.

Today, Handtop Tech from the Hanglory group possess multiple patterns in UV printing industry and has been rated as one of the national hi-tech enterprises.

About Hanglory Group and Handtop Tech

Handtop Tech is owned by Hanglory Group, moreover, a national high-tech enterprise. As a world’s leading UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech is devoted in providing professional UV printing machine and full set of UV printing application solutions.

Handtop Tech product line including UV hybrid printer, UV flatbed printer and hi-precision print head from economic intelligent model to luxury models, small-sized width to large-scaled width, offered plenty choices for customers from diversified industries. Also, Handtop Tech provides diversified services including spare parts, maintenance, Investment planning, training, application execution for the clients.

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