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Make products capable of standing the long-term test of global market
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-04 09:04:31View:Loading...

From the beginning of founding, Shenzhen Handtop Tech had already aimed at global market. After years of development, Handtop Tech has launched diversified configuration of UV flatbed printers, hybrid printer and roll to roll printers, from small width to ultra-wide format, the precision are higher, the colors become more vivid, the speed is faster, all these benefit from the recognition of global market.

In the perspective of Handtop Tech, only if a company go through years of test from the global market, can it sustain a long term of development. Because in global market, the clients propose higher request for the printers. For example, besides high printing quality and stable performance, more personalized need and functional configuration is valued on global market.

Thus, Handtop developed a series of product schemes that could handle the challenges from global market. For example, Handtop used metal mould structure, steel beam, double guide lights instead of PVC plate platform that usually used by normal manufacturers. This makes the machines are no more doing simple small batch printing, but able to proceed industrial continuous production with a extremely low rate of malfunction. Meanwhile, Handtop abandoned the belt stepping pattern which popular in normal firms, using dual ball guide screw in stepping in the purpose of improving the printing precision as much as possible.

In addition, for the interest of the customer’s demand, Handtop Tech developed auto height detecting, media positioning and ink cost analysis, etc, doing its best to satisfy the diversified needs of the customer. This is also the high requirement Handtop proposed for its own product line after entering the global market. Now, Handtop already had a very high rate of market share and stable customer groups in regions such as Europe and America, the Middle East and south Asia, etc.

About Hanglory Group and Handtop Tech

Handtop Tech is owned by Hanglory Group, moreover, a national high-tech enterprise. As a world’s leading UV digital printing equipment manufacturer, Handtop Tech is devoted in providing professional UV printing machine and full set of UV printing application solutions.

Handtop Tech product line including UV hybrid printer, UV flatbed printer and hi-precision print head from economic intelligent model to luxury models, small-sized width to large-scaled width, offered plenty choices for customers from diversified industries. Also, Handtop Tech provides diversified services including spare parts, maintenance, Investment planning, training, application execution for the clients.

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