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New Year’s Greeting from Hanglory Group
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2017-01-01 10:14:28View:Loading...

In the coming 2017, Hanglory group wish you a happy new year, with good health and happiness.

In the past 2016, digital printing industry grew in a booming rate. With the popularization of digital printing technology, a group of companies in China, from the advertising industry and the garment and textile printing industry upgraded their industrial structure successfully and broke the circle of vicious competition, realized the maximization of enterprise value. In the mean time, the level of digital printing in China took a big step. With the upgrade of both hardware and software system of the digital printing equipment, the devices became more intelligent, efficient and stable.

Also Hanglory group achieved a lot in 2016, it was an honor of becoming one of the national hi-tech enterprises in China. Meanwhile, we established a scientific procedures and specifications for the products from engineer designing to purchasing, producing and testing, which also certified by the ISO9001:2008 International Organization for Standardization. On the level of product line, advertising, textile, garment, packaging and precise manufacture are the most important strategic directions of Hanglory group. We focused on continuous product R&D and manufacture on each product line, take creating value for customers as our basic orientation, we launched a series of high-end products that satisfied the need of the market. This kept the group develop rapidly, improved the efficiency of operation. These are all came from hard work, we are grateful to the trust and support from all of our clients and partners all over the world. We thank every employees from the Hanglory group for their persevere hard work and contribution.

In 2016, we made great breakthrough in the package digital printing industry, after years of concentration on R&D, we successfully launched the first industrial corrugated paper digital printing device HC1600 and formally put into producing, taking the technology highland in China’s package digital printing industry. With the great shock brought by the rising price of the materials in package printing industry, in the foreseeable future, Chinese package printing industry will be tested by new printing technology and new mode, this is a revolutionary change.

More than keeping the leading position in the area of digital printing image procession system and software algorithm in China, we made new breakthrough in the past year. We are able to adjust and control multi-group of world-class grey-scale print heads precisely, the capability of processing data improved qualitatively, this made Chinese digital printing actually catch up with the global standard. In the future, we will sustain the devotion of R&D, make it become the key breach of increasing digital printing technology, respond and support the Made in China 2025 project, make the Hanglory brand as one of the most important firms in the global industrial printing intelligent device manufacture area.

Looking into the future, digital, networking and intelligence will be the main orientation of China’s industrial manufacture development. In the area of digital printing, a more intelligent way of producing combined with IOT and Big Data will contribute to another leap of the industry. Hanglory has already begin to embrace the changing of printing industry, aiming the leading position in this reform. In 2017, we will always stick to create value for customers, while keeping the rapid increasing profit, we will continue to update the self-management protocol of the enterprise, enhance the strength and tactical level of our team and build a international scientific research team by devoting resources continuously.

The constant change of international politics and economic situation bring uncertainty to the future. Let us keep awe but still fill our heart with optimism for the future. The uncertainty brings change, change means challenge as well as opportunity. We believe, that as long as all the staffs from Hanglory group keep down to earth, work together, keep creating value for customers, trust and cooperate with our clients and partners, we can catch the chance and become a world-class provider of intelligent devices in industrial printing area.

Again, best wishes to every staff, client and partner, will you all a splendid new year. May every effort of ours be the ink to print the future a colorful world.

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