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The Wide Format Printer Market In China
Author:HANDTOPFrom:HANDTOPDate:2016-12-31 09:45:52View:Loading...

The printers with a width under A3+ are normally called desktop printers, while the printers with a width over A3+ are collectively called Wide format printers. So most industrial digital printers on today’s market can be described as wide format printer. But if it comes to ultra-wide format UV digital printer, the market is not entirely opened.

The early ultra-wide format inkjet printer using solvent pigment ink, is pleasant to the eye but of no use, its precision is even lower than the pictorials machine and doesn’t fit the high precision need of the market. Handtop Tech’s newest 5m HT5000 printer break the ice of the ultra-wide format printer, using unique DS printing mode, it elevates the precision, meanwhile, it’s equipped with multiple hardware technologies and software scientific research achievements, makes UV universal printer with ultra-wide format, high speed and high precision become possible.

Benefit from the fast advance and the increasing marketing demand, the ultra-wide format printer market developed fast in China’s mainland. This is what can be found when reviewing the development of ultra-wide format printer. But the early ultra-wide format printers are mostly using solvent ink, plus the hot competition between Chinese manufacturers and firms from abroad, the profit of the industry dropped fast. Most firms decreased their R&D cost every year, under the environment protection pressure in China, the production of solvent printer among Chinese manufacturers are cut off one after another. From then on, the development of ultra-wide format printer is like a roller coaster, shrinking rapidly after the booming expansion.

This is the reality of China’s ultra-wide format printer market, product convergence and profit decline, makes the manufacturers more focused on the profit of ink and spare parts. Several big firms are barely maintaining their strong position on the market depending on their advantage of print head purchasing. To a certain extent, the competition of inkjet printer became the competition on the discourse power of print head purchasing. In this kind of situation, a manufacturer that truly concentrates on the R&D and production of ultra-wide format printer is hard to find.

On the other hand, along with the rapid development of the advertising industry, the need for UV printer is still increasing and this challenges the situation of the small format UV printers. But the wide format printers which are mainly analog printing can’t satisfy the rapid development of the advertising industry due to the high pressure in environment protection and the suspended animation of technology.

For the situations mentioned above, the market hastened the birth of HT5000. Handtop’s HT5000 ultra-wide format printer possesses all the good genes of digital printer. Digital printing has incomparable advantages, non-plate making and variable information is the biggest characteristic of digital printing. Its producing process can achieve 100% variable information printing and satisfy the personalized need of the customer. Customers don’t have worry about the cost regarding with the quantity.

HT5000 also shows a lot of unique enchantments in digital printing technology. Such as the new added DS printing mode which makes HT5000 printing precision far beyond normal digital printers. Besides, HT5000 equipped with independent priming function to elevate the inkjet precision, the whole new feathering pattern also highly improved the printing quality and speed.

High configuration in hardware is another feature of HT5000. Its high precision metal raster, magnetic levitation motor, controllable platform temperature cooling system and THK linear guide rail, etc, all contributed a more precise, efficient, stable and even silent operation of the machine. This giant HT5000 will bring a whole different printing experience and create value for customers.

HT5000 is a type of efficient roll to roll wide format UV printer with an extremely wide printing area. As a ultra-wide universal printer, it can print all kinds of 5m materials on the market including banner, flex, backlit fabric and even 5m PVC soft film perfectly.

Over viewing the tide of ultra-wide format printing market, the most valuable of Handtop Tech is the persist of scientific research and the deep understanding of the customer need. Always keep the original promise in the complex Chinese printing market, keep a persistent pursuit for the product, this is what makes it possible for Handtop Tech to bring greater value for customers.

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